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For In-house Legal/Compliance Leaders & Teams



Our clients ask for our assistance on projects that mostly fit in 6 areas:

  1. Develop and articulate the function’s strategy and report on progress.
  2. Communicate effectively across the team and with key stakeholders, to launch and sustain change and achieve goals.
  3. Demonstrate performance and communicate the function’s contribution to the business.
  4. Gain more value and improve partnerships with external providers
  5. Support key business and legal decisions with tailored benchmarking to best-in-class corporate law departments.
  6. Improve productivity and collaboration of multi-location global legal/compliance teams.

Case Examples

Strategy to help a corporate legal team transform for 2020

The General Counsel of a Fortune 500 legal function retained us to help develop and communicate their plan. The team wanted to clarify a vision for Legal, aligned with corporate growth strategy. The GC also wanted to compare the legal function’s practices and performance vs. other best-in-class companies. We led a detailed benchmark. We captured info from select multinationals on their use of IT tools, law firm management, alternative sourcing, governance, budgeting and professional development. That data drove the strategy for Legal’s transformation.

Drive real change throughout the team

General Counsel and their senior team can falter in implementing new tools and approaches due to inadequate communications. Along with articulating your Legal strategy, we develop a streamlined communications plan with tailored messages.  This makes it easier for leaders and managers to keep motivated and on course. Communications are crafted to respond to typical team concerns that can reduce morale and productivity, resulting in setbacks. 

· Why are we doing this?  We help leaders tell it like it is, and connect the reasons to enterprise, team and individual goals.
· What do I need to do?  We break complex projects into digestible steps.  We show the team how they will get there, with accessible flow charts and infographics.
· How long do I have to learn this? 
Resisters will procrastinate. We help leaders clarify expectations and follow up to measure progress.
· How is it going? How am I doing?  We create moments for positive reinforcement, to celebrate big and small wins and resolve problems. Using data and qualitative input, we report on progress.

Motivating in-house lawyers & compliance teams

Given the relatively flat structure in many in-house teams, it’s important to keep team members actively engaged and motivated. We develop and implement programs to help do so, tailored to the function’s overall goals, skill requirements and opportunities for secondments and other on-the-job learning. These projects also focus on cross-border collaboration and recognition of individuals and team contributions.

For one corporate legal and compliance department we developed a competency model aligned with the team’s goals and business growth strategy. We worked with a team of junior and mid-level in-house lawyers.  The multi-faced program we created and launched included: a curriculum for professional development, regular pulse polls on satisfaction, ‘just for fun’ activities, a recognition program, and activities to improve collaboration across offices in different regions.




To realize our communications projects, we often work with our strategic partner Right Hat, a premier strategic communications firm. Right Hat brings its best-in-class design and execution as well as an in-depth understanding of legal services.
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