Global Counsel Leaders
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Our vast experience with corporate legal teams informs everything we do.




Global Counsel Leaders focuses on programs and advice to help corporate legal and compliance functions lead better, manage change, improve performance and demonstrate their contribution to the enterprise.  We cherish our relationships with so many talented in-house leaders around the world. 

Our two decades of work with corporate legal and compliance functions worldwide informs everything we do.  We provide strategic advice and execution that draws heavily on our deep knowledge of best practices and optimal approaches in multinational corporate legal functions.


We believe that all legal and compliance leaders can benefit from productive exchange on specific issues of importance at work.  Organizing dynamic events to bring in-house legal teams together is one of our most rewarding activities.  We have created, produced and moderated successful highly-rated roundtables and conferences globally in more than 26 countries on all continents.  Every organization’s legal services function can be improved through sharing best practices and lessons learned among peers. 

Our clients and partners include Global 1000 companies, major financial institutions, a wide range of legal services providers, global and regional law firms, legal networks, as well as legal publishers, diverse legal service providers and legal industry trade associations worldwide.



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Experience has taught us that in-house legal functions cannot easily be categorized by size or industry.  That’s why our consulting work is highly tailored to each particular organization, its unique situation and the goals of both leaders and stakeholders.  We take a project approach, starting with goals, action steps, success measures, and a timeline  For many projects, we work side-by-side with professionals in our clients’ teams, as well as their partners.  This way, they take ownership of the projects and can carry on successfully once our work is done.

That tailored approach continues with our events—we take pride in conducting polls and getting input on topics to make sure our themes match the needs of diverse in-house legal and compliance leaders.  

Global Counsel Leaders is the part of ELD International LLC that focuses on  corporate legal and compliance activities.